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5% to 50% cash back

seamlessly deposited to your account
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Works with your existing cards at 19,000 available banks!

How it Works

Merchants Compete. Members Collect!
If you bank with any of Clout’s 19,000 available financial institutions you already have a pre-approved account. Simply activate with one click and Clout rewards will seamlessly be applied to your cards.
Members instantly get a unique Clout Score at 50,000,000 merchants based on category spending.
50,000,000 merchants compete for you. Special offers, free gifts and private invitations show up in your search engine and Clout inbox. The higher your score in a given category, the more offers you’ll get.
Clout automatically detects when you’re owed cash after each card swipe and seamlessly collects and deposits your cash to your account. Clout also detects when you’re owed a perk and allows you to collect it with one click.

Not Your Average Rewards Program

more cash back!
5% to 50% or more given to you by particiating merchants
more cash back
We believe you should never have to ask for special treatment.
It should simply be given.
free stuff!
Upgrades to first class, an incredible gift, and VIP treatment.
free stuff
Special events, private parties, and VIP access.
VIP Invitations

vip automated!

vip automated

Whether you spend a little or spend a lot, everyone’s a VIP in something.

Because Clout’s marketplace encourages merchants to compete, you’ll never have to ask for special treatment again.

…And if you do spend a lot, prepare to be showered in luxury!

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50m merchants
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30% Cash Back

Over 19,000

available banks & financial institutions

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